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CSG Analysis is a police officer owned and -operated commercial research firm.

CSG provides objective reports about the technologies used by law enforcement agencies and officers. CSG uses the same business model as that created and used by the industry analyst firm industry analyst firm Securosis, and CSG has an identical commitment to totally transparent research.

There is no charge to read or share our research, which is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. That way, our reports will reach agencies large and small, regardless of budget.

For vendors, there is never a charge to brief us, and never a charge to be included in our research.

We make our money selling reprints of our work that vendors wish to use commercially, and in providing consulting services to law enforcement technology manufacturers (vendors) and police agencies.

We don’t endorse products. Even if you pay us.  CSG is not a “white paper shop” – you can’t buy our opinion. We are committed to breaking the monopoly of vendor-produced propaganda in a market of more than 17,000 local, county, tribal, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

In plain English, we produce research reports that examine products being sold to police agencies and to cops. How do they work? How much do they cost – to buy, and to own? What competition do they have? How does this product stand up comparatively to other offerings? With what other products do they integrate, and how? Will we be locked into the vendor for support? What is the cost – financial and organizational – of migration?

These kinds of questions are fundamental to any technology buying decision. At CSG we are committed to helping buyers answer them.

Advertising, vendor marketing and white papers are in fact excellent sources of information about technology, but they are inherently biased. In private and even non-law enforcement government sectors, buyers have access to a range of less biased and objective opinions from analyst firms. At CSG, we believe it is high time that law enforcement agencies enjoyed the same opportunities.

Our analysts are all in law enforcement. They include active and retired full-time and part-time police officers, crime analysts, intelligence analysts and administrators. We consult with academics, but our opinions and analytical conclusions are stated with the goal of providing actionable intelligence for law enforcement professionals to help them objectively analyze and take purchasing decisions on the technologies on which they will spend taxpayer money.

We’re pretty outspoken, too. You’ll see.

To deliver on all these objectives, we base our opinions on methodical analysis of facts, and we are committed to transparency in our methods and the highest standard of integrity. We will make available the raw data we analyze for public examination and peer review. Because our research is provided entirely free of charge to the reader, anyone can read and challenge our findings. Our sponsorships and our financial interests are disclosed.

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